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Housing Bubble Busted !!!!!!!!!! 
Housing Crashes !!!!!!!! Dec 2010 : The second leg down in housing has started. Data updates will now mostly serve as a reference.
     Year 2002 : $300K ----> Year 2005 : $600K ----> Year 2010 : $200K

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      Are you thinking this is what is going to happen? 
You have come to the Right Place.
During the last housing downturn, the Housing Market Index fell 40 points from a peak of 60 in Dec 1988, bottommed out at 20 in Jan 1991, over 25 months. In this downturn it has breached that support level by falling to 18 in Oct 2007. It will continue to head lower in the coming months. How low will HMI go this time? Of the 381 MSA's In OFHEO's 2008-Q1 report, 263 posted year over year increases, while 118 showed year over year decrease. Washington DC, Miami, Detroit, Phoenix, Orlando, Los Angeles, Tampa, Oakland, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas and Sacramento were the major metros in a list of 53, that posted HPI declines of five percent or more from the previous year. New Orleans, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Nassau, Minneapolis, San Francisco, San Jose and Providence were the major metros to post year over year declines of less than five percent in a list of 65. Phoenix, Chicago, Seattle and Salt Lake City were the major metros that posted declines from the previous quarter in the list of 161. The Purchase Only Index for California is down 23%, Nevada is down 20%, Arizona 10% and Florida is down 14.6% from peak. Per Census Bureau, In the Fourth Quarter of 2008, there were 130.8 Million Homes in the US. Of these, 18.9 Million were Vacant. That is a whopping 14.4% of all US Homes were sitting empty. 12.2% in the North East, 13.5% in Mid West, 16.8% in South and 13.3% in the West. Is this The Right Kind of Asset to own as Investment? Most of these vacant homes will be put up for sale, once prices start to come down. After all these are investments. The number of New Homes for sale in all stages of construction was 454K at the end of Apr 2008. But only 47K New Homes were sold in that month. The Median Price of New Home rose to 246K in Aug 2007, from 242K in Apr 2007. The number of completed new homes for sale stood at 181K in Apr 00. With an average price of 321K, that is 58.1 Billion Dollars worth of inventory, Home Builders were carrying in that month. Construction started on 92.4K New Homes in the same month. What does this glut of New Homes mean? Is the "demand" for housing different from "need" for housing? Per NAR, the Number of Existing Homes for Resale stood at 4.55 Million in Apr 2008.

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     Per Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2006 San Francisco Bay Area 
  added 116K new residents, while 128K new housing units were built. 
  Greater Boston area added only 53K new residents but 58K new
  housing units were built in the same period.

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        Real Estate Heat Maps For Cities : Zillow.com
        Resale Inventory By Markets : Housing Tracker   Paper Dinero
        UK's Housing Bubble : HousePriceCrashUK.com

        Richard Freeman : U.S. Real Estate Bubble Nears Its End (PDF) 

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