Chino, CA - Home Building Boom

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               If you want to see block after block of new empty homes, in community 
          after community, Chino in Inland Empire is the place to go.

               If you want to smell cattle in and around your house, you should live
          in Chino, CA.

               The area bounded by I-15 to the East, Santa Ana River to the South, 
          Highway 71 to the West and Highway 60 to the North, is still primarily a
          farm land. 

               Which means a lot of new homes are now going up on what used to be
          cultivable land not so long ago.

Most of the New Home Development Streets are not recognised by Google 
Geocoder. Only six intersections could be meaningfully marked.
                           Slide Show : HBB Visits Chino

               Signs directing you to New Home Developments are every where. Human 
          Twirlers standing in 90 degrees, braving dust storms passing by.

               The most shocking aspect was the number of completed but unoccupied 
          new homes. Judging by no parked vehicles on blocks and blocks of newly 
          built homes. The amount of speculative building was very unsettling.

               Access roads to these modern housing developments run through farm
          lands and by cattle sheds. The air is filled with the unescapable smell of 
          cattle in a lot of communities.

               I always enjoy doing these tours and typically spend a full day at a

                But in Chino, may be it was the reckless speculative building with
          borrowed money or the smell of cattle or a combination of both, had me on
          I-15 North to Las Vegas by 3 PM.

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