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            I first visited Las Vegas for the 2001 New Year Eve. Have been on The Strip several
        times since then. There is always a new Casino on The Strip, this time it was Wynn. 
        So was also the Monorail.

            Along with it, there were Cranes visible from just about every where. Wynn Encore,
        MGM City Center, Trump Tower, Palazzo, Echelon and Fontainbleau are some of the major 
        projects underway on The Strip. 

            Condo Towers Sky Las Vegas and Allure appeared to have been completed.

            Links to Las Vegas Construction : Las Vegas, NV - Condo & Home Construction Boom

            Just off The Strip, Panorama Towers on the other side of Interstate 15 from 
        Bellagio, and the second of the Turnberry Towers on Paradise.

            Further to the South, Las Vegas One is another high rise condo tower nearing 

            Spotted construction of several high and mid rise condos in the downtown as well.
                    HBB Slide Show : Chasing Cranes in Las Vegas 

A lot of the New Home Development Streets (blue markers) are not recognised
by Google Geocoder, and could not be mapped, but are in the slide show. 
Red is Condo, and yellow is a Casino Project.
            This was the first time I travelled extensively outside The Strip. And as I expected,
        billboards advertising new home developments are every where. Freeways and Major Highways
        are lined with these signs.

             New Homes are being advertised in Las Vegas as fantasy girls are advertised on The

             The temperature stayed in the 100-115 degree range during the trip. Increased day 
        lengths provided more time for outdoor picture taking.
             The South West Quadrant appeared to have the most new home developments. As can be 
        seen on the satellite image, there is a vast supply of flat buildable land there. 

                HBB Slide Show : Home Building Boom in Las Vegas

             The number of new communities underway is extremely high. And if land staging and 
        other heavy equipment are any indications, builders have plans for many more.

             The amount of open land otherwise also appeared plentiful, as can be seen from the
        satellite image as well. Especially along the Northern Stretch of the beltway and along
        Highway 160 in the South West Quadrant. 

             So if anybody tells you that Las Vegas will be running out of land very soon, tell 
        them to take a hike just drive on these highways during the day.


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