San Francisco, CA - Condo Construction Boom

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       Condos, Being Created in a Renovated Building
    Condos, Newly Built or Under Construction 
      Major Housing Projects Completed after 2000
    Other Major Projects Under Construction
      Rentals, Newly Built or Under Construction
    Housing Projects Expected To Break Ground Soon

     (This list may not be complete or accurate).
      HBB has counted Thirty Major Condo Projects,
   and several others, under construction or recently 
   completed with brand new units for sale, in the 
   county and city of San Francisco.

      Of these, 18 are in the SOMA district, an area 
   roughly one square mile in size. 

      Not to mention those which have been completed
   after 2000. 

      This is in a city  that has lost nearly 5% of
   it's population since 2000.

         Who is going to live in these condos?  

   San Francisco : City Panning Dept
                   Complete List of Projects (PDF)

   Proposed Projects :  Transbay / Rincon Hill
                        1177 Market  

   Condominiums Available Now : : SF's High Rise Projects

   In The News...

   5/16/06 - Developers pull back as sales....

   6/23/06 - Costs could kill condo mania

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